April 10, 2021
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How Anyone Can Apply For Uk Visiting Visa Without Paying Any Agent

The most commonly recognized UK type of visa is the Visitor’s or Tourist Visa. The Visitor’s visa is issued for a short stay in the UK. The reason for this visa is to visit loved ones, friends and family, seminars or holidays, vacation, business, training etc.
I am going to show you all the tricks and tips to secure UK Visa by yourself – Even if you’re a pepper seller in the market or a shoe-maker.

In this straight to the point No-Nonsense Information , You Will Learn All The Secrets and tips I used for over 60 people to obtain UK Visa  – The exact system I used to save myself over N500,000 Agent Fees some years back, I know for sure that someone reading this information right now might have been a victim of fake travel Agent.

This Report will reveal the hidden secrets/professional tips to obtain your visa in less than 7 days after you apply, 100% Guaranteed

Never again will any travel agent scam you!!!!


I will reveal the following:

  • How to get a 100% no stress UK VISA without been denied even if it’s your first to apply
  • 5 Mandatory supporting documents you should have, and how to get them easily in few days  if you’ve not gotten  it before.
  • How to prepare DOCUMENT for UK VISA submission, failure to get this right will result in visa denial.
  • I will Include current sample form to fill, and how to fill it step by step, and answer to 3 major questions that might disqualify you if you get it wrong.
  • How to book an appointment and go physically to submit your completed application yourself, and how your Visa will be delivered to your house by UPS/DHL without problem at all.
  • Don’t be afraid, no interview at all, but I will reveal to you what body language and gesture you most make while waiting in visa office (embassy) to submit your application, this secrets was revealed by a staff (insider) of the embassy to me about 4 years ago.
  • How to pay for the Visa application online in their official website
  • Finally, where to submit your application, contact address and phone numbers of Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja offices


  • Three easy legal ways on how to get resident in the United Kingdom, top secrets!!! You can easily obtain number 2 and 3 from Nigeria.
  • How get an NGO voluntary job in the UK and become a permanent resident in no time

Follow the instruction bellow to order for the complete information guide-book:

Bank Name: GTbank

Account Name: Guaranteed Ideas

Account Number: 0120813282

Book Price: N3,500

After payment is made, send e-mail to: support@theinfogist.com  OR TEXT this United Kingdom Mobile number: +447438379736 with the following information to:

Your name:

Your mobile number:

Your e-mail:

Date you made the payment:

What you ordered for: UK VISIT VISA BOOK

We will send the book to your e-mail as soon as payment is confirmed.

free counselling and guide on step-by-step on how to kick-start your process ASAP after you order.

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