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Student Visa It’s the second best sure way to relocate to Canada. Because, depending on your choice of institution and course, you could be entitled to a 1 year working permit in Canada after completing one academic year program or a 3 year work permit after you have completed a 2 year or more academic program in Canada, which at the same time you could be working while studying. Following your 3 year work permit for example, you can proceed to apply for the express entry visa under the Canadian experience class.

and student a like student are ideal candidates for this type of permanent resident program.

Learn the proven simple step-by-step complete guide to study in CANADA as an international student from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Gambia

Step-By-Step Information Guide-Book To Study Abroad In Canada

This Guide-Book covers the following:

  • Admission requirements
  • Application process
  • How to apply for a Canada student visa easily
  • Tuition fees and living costs
  • Scholarships and funding opportunities
  • How to stay, work and live permanently after graduation 


  • 20 tuition free universities in European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia e.t.c. – Completely free tuition and you can earn your degree in any of these countries

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