Never Pay An Agent For Your Canada Visa Again!!! Four Fastest Ways To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria.

Work and Live in any developed countries require you to be rich rich, famous and or be recognized/influential in your field, Honestly speaking this are almost impossible or inaccessible for most people.

So question is: How can an average man or common man Study, Work,  and Live in Canada in a situation where he/she is not rich/famous and recognized/skilled in any chosen field

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how the common man can relocate to Canada when they are neither rich, famous nor skilled and don’t have the required education or work experience. No be small mata. In my opinion sha, I have listed the 3 popular ways from least preferred to most preferred; if relocation is your goal:

1. Visiting Visa

You cannot work nor stay permanently in Canada on a visitor’s visa EXCEPT your circumstances changed over a period of time, which we are not going to mention directly here on this article for some reasons.

However you can make plans to meet potential employers during your visiting to Canada. So, You can communicate in person with potential employers or even explore potential colleges or universities that would be willing to offer you admission into your preferred course while you are in Canada on Visit Visa.Relocate to Canada-theinfogist

In most cases, you may have to leave the country to apply for the appropriate visa to enable you return there to work or study, but in a very uncommon circumstances would you be allowed to acquire resident permit without leaving the country, That’s not to be discussed through this medium.

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2. Student Visa

Student Visa It’s the second best sure way to relocate to Canada. Because, depending on your choice of institution and course, you could be entitled to a 1 year working permit in Canada after completing one academic year program or a 3 year work permit after you have completed a 2 year or more academic program in Canada, which at the same time you could be working while studying. Following your 3 year work permit for example, you can proceed to apply for the express entry visa under the Canadian experience class.

and student a like student are ideal candidates for this type of permanent resident program.

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3. Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign worker Program (TFWP) allows Canadian employers to hire/employ foreign nationals to fill temporary labour and skill shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available.

This type of program is perfect for anyone that is skilled in a particular job or services. The good news is that you can become a Permanent resident through Temporary  Foreign Worker Program.

4. Express Entry System – Work Permit

Recently introduced Express entry system makes it possible for applicants to relocate to Canada within  a year or less based on the (CRS scores) comprehensive ranking system. With this system you can score up to a maximum of 1,200 points based on –

The higher your CRS, the higher your chances of being selected and invited to submit an application to relocate to Canada.

The Express Entry system covers applicants who want to relocate under the following routes – Federal skilled worker, Federal skilled trade and Canadian experience class.

* Skill and Experience factors                   (500 points)

* Skill transferability factors                      (100 points)

* Arranged employment                             (600 points)

* Provincial nomination PNP                     (600 points)

You earn points simply by the content of your CV, your experience and skills. And if you get a job offer or you get nominated by a province then your relocation chances can be concluded as as soon as possible without delay.

Now the BIG QUESTION is how do you get a job offer in Canada  from Nigeria or provincial nomination from Nigeria and score a high CRS to increases your relocation chances?

Well, the simple truth is that you can do it yourself  without paying any kobo to any so called fake Agent out there.

Never Pay an Agent for Canada Visa ever again, just imagine you have to pay a processing fee that cost nothing less than N100,000, then the agent will disappear in thin air and after you’ve paid lots of money, at the end of the day the Agent won’t be reachable, at worse he will close down his office after defrauding thousands of people

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