A former Argos security guard who worked in the store on London’s Holloway Road has been elected president of Gambia.

Now the country’s opposition leader, Adama Barrow today said he was expecting a phone call from President Yahya Jammeh conceding defeat in Gambia’s election.

former-argos-securityguard-adama-barrow-won-gambian-presidential-election former-argos-securityguard-adama-barrow-won-gambian-presidential-election-theinfogist-com

Barrow said he was still waiting for an official result from the electoral commission but that his own count showed he had won the poll.

Dictator Yahya Jammeh vowed to rule his country for ‘a billion years’, but has now been toppled by his unlikely rival.

Jammeh, a friend of Libya’s late Colonel Gaddafi, ruled the west African state of Gambia through a bizarre personality cult of witchcraft and brutality.