After much investigation on the issue of innocent Socialite woman based in London being linked to kidnapping syndicate, the TheInfoGist find out the truth about the picture of the innocent beautiful woman portrayed as member of the kidnapping gangs, it’s really sad to know that many news blog online have published the innocent woman’s picture and still they never find out the real truth behind the picture, now we have this to say; the story in not false, but the picture of the pretty woman in circulation is not her at all,  and here are the fact we discovered below.

  1. The same picture had been used to describe the Chelsea international school headmistress that was kidnapped and killed some times ago, how can someone that was described to be a school headmistress/proprietress suddenly becomes a member of the kidnapping gangs!!!?   See the picture below as published by some news blog online as at then.


2. The below is the real face of the Criminal and the INNOCENT WOMAN,  she is not part of the kidnaping gangs neither was she the Chelsea internation school propretress that was reported killed in the picture above in same cloth as below

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3. we have another pics of the INNOCENT WOMAN with her lovely dauther and in an occasion in London below:

The Info Gist is making every effort in ensuring an accurate news for publication, that’s what makes us different from every other news blog online, we shall make endeavor to reach this woman in London as soon as we can to further make the record straight once and for all, we are currently reaching-out to someone that claimed to be a friend of the socialite woman online, and we shall communicate according to our findings, if possible a video interview with the woman in question.

For the meantime, the below message is what we got on our “whatsapp”:


This lady, a twin by birth, named Taiwo, who lives in London is been mischievously named as the lady caught, being member of a kidnapping/armed robbery gang in Itokin-Epe Road, in Lagos State, Nigeria sometimes last week.

I wish to use this medium to correct the bad, unholy and damaging impression created by the ORIGINATOR of the scandalous piece.

To put the record straight, the lady in question was in London at the time of arrest in Nigeria of the gang and still there, while one arrested must still be in Police custody.

For you to confirm this update, please zoom the face of naked lady in the picture of the arrested gang and compare same with this, you would see the difference in both.

I therefore, in the of equity, fair play & justice suggest that, those of us who out of annoyance and solidarity with victims of Kidnapping & Armed robbery, have broadcasted the old piece extensively to, please put in doubled effort, in rebroadcasting this.

May heaven forgive us all of our sins & make this the beginning of a greater height of Tayelolu, oyi laki, Oba omo and do what is best for who ever originated the scandal.

Asiwaju Abdulbaqee Yemisi-Coker