The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) resorted to sacrificing goats to ward off any evil that might happen in view of looming fear when they cleared planes for flying operations.

According to a report from The News, a black goat was slaughtered and offered as sacrifice on behalf of PIA at the Islamabad airport moments before the aircraft which was due for Multan took off after shakedown tests.



pia-resume-flight-sacrifies goat

The PIA had grounded all of its 10 ATR aircraft after the Civil Aviation Authority had ordered shakedown tests for all their planes.

The directions came after an ATR aircraft reportedly caught fire while on runway of the Multan Airport before taking off Sunday. The PIA airplane PK-581 with 48 passengers onboard was set to take off from Multan to Karachi when it suffered a blaze.

The News quoted the PIA Spokesperson Danyal Gilani as saying, “It has been decided to keep all 10 ATR aircraft grounded till they are cleared after thorough examination.”