Today’s case study is a Nigerian man, who finds out his wife is practically a prostitute and voodoo user. This anonymous man reads his wife’s messages and finds out she has had several affairs with men and was also ‘locking’ them with voodoo, this sort of message can send one to the ER as well as destabilise their emotional state.
This man would have to make a very tough decision concerning his marriage, now the question will he stay for the sake of the kids or leave the marriage for the sake of his mental, emotional and possibly physical well being?
This is how he puts it:
“Please keep me anonymous, i am in pain, i am a young man in my late 20s, i have a son and we both live together, my wife is making more than me now due to the pandemic sh** atleast am happy about it and she’s a good woman but to cut the long story short, i saw a chat on her phone yesterday night with a girl on how she asked a guy and he sent her money. This is not the first time they are doing this, they have been doing this for long. She even f**ked her customers boyfriend all because the guy is rich, and even went on locking the guy (that’s the scariest part), i saw the way the girl consult for my woman and now i dont know what to do, i am in serious pain, maybe i should tell her parents or what?”
Readers, what do you advise this young man to do?