A young Nigerian man tells the story of how he spent the night with a supposedly married woman in a hotel room.
In the days of our parents, married Women are known to be so faithful that their husbands could vouch for them, but reverse is the case in today’s world.

Cheating is so common among married women today, that it is hard for a man to trust his wife.

Married women are now bold enough to woo younger men, and even invite them to hotels.And this trend now is made common and easy due to the
advent of technologhy{social media, internet and GSM/android phones}.

This was exactly the case of an unnamed Nigerian woman who invited a young man named Ogaga Smart to Bayelsa State.

A question was asked in a Facebook page inviting members to share their personal experience about visiting someone they met on Facebook.

While Narrating his experience, Ogaga Smart explained how he spent the night with a married woman in a hotel.

According to him, he honoured the woman invitation to Bayelsa not knowing that she is married.

Ogaga Smart and the woman slept together in a hotel room for the night, but he found out her marital status when she started receiving calls from who he suspected to be her husband.

At daybreak, he traveled back to Warri immediately, and he decided to block the woman on Facebook.