*Says she should be able to work on the farm, take care of him, his 11 sons

A 75-year-old man, whose wife recently died, has chosen an inovative way to find a new one.

To make the announcement, Athumani Mchambua, a Tanzanian, made a signboard on which he wrote his intention and added a telephone number.

75-year-old Athumani Mchambua Photo Credit: BBC

The sign, written in Swahili, called for hard working women who are capable of working on the farm and can take care of him and his 11 sons.

The man told the BBC that four women had already signified interest in response to his advert.

He said he decided to place the advert himself because if he uses intermediaries, as is common around Mbagala, where he stays, the intermediaries may decide to keep the good woman.

The signboard placed by 75-year-old Athumani Mchambua Photo Credit: BBC

Mchambua’s daughter, Dalia expressed her satisfaction at her father’s move saying she will support him when he eventually finds the right woman.